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Droomkind, een Film van Erik de Goederen

Catching the dream

Dream Boy's often lyrical music track is composed, performed and produced by Hans van Manen, in close co-operation with director Erik de Goederen. His combined backround of audio engineer (S.A.E., Amsterdam) and self-taught musician allowed Van Manen to keep the entire musical process under one roof, from composition till final mix. Of course he is not unique with this among music makers. What did make the difference however to ask Van Manen for Dream Boy was his Pepijn Borst in Dream Boyability to compose from the soul, with only later on the analysis necessary added. This style of getting into the emotions is very well suited for a film that has been made from the heart. This allowed experimentation in conjunction with the editing. If needed things could be adapted before the final version was made. There was plenty of room to incorporate the wishes and suggestions from the director in this process.

Before the film music could be composed it was already known that an old gramophone record would play an important role in the plot. It is a recording from around 1925 of Edvard Grieg's Solveig's Song, composed for the play Peer Gynt from Ibsen. In order to make a connection to that record it would be logical to work with a symphonic orchestra. Thanks to modern digital techniques this finally came through in a very realistic manner, despite the lacking budget to hire an entire classical orchestra.

The music's rich sound has been created by combining self-recorded instruments with high quality samples played by professional musicians. Extensive use has also been made from less "instrumental" instruments, like Tibetan bowls, tinkerbells, shakers, wah-wah tubes, rainsticks and the like. The music positions itself somewhere between "classical" and "experimental", which makes it an excellent magnifier for the atmosphere. The blend of sync sounds, the music and the imagery thus leads to a dream-like experience, away from the busy world that usually surrounds us. Briefly back to the core of essential being.

More information about composer Hans van Manen can be found here: www.muziekopdemaan.nl.Pepijn Borst in Dream Boy